Botox® and Dysport® cosmetic injections can help you achieve the smoother skin you have been dreaming about.

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Botox Cosmetic Injections at Medical Day SPa of Chapel Hill


Your face shows all of your emotions. And a lifetime of emotions means that your facial muscles cause lines and wrinkles. We can correct these with injections of Botox or Dysport. Early treatment can prevent skin lines and wrinkles from developing or getting worse.



Botox for Men at Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill NC

Skin lines reduced at 2 weeks after Botox injection


– “Frown lines” between the eyebrows

– “Worry lines” on the forehead

– “Squint lines” beside the eyes

– “Bunny lines” on the nose

– “Smoker’s lines” around the mouth

How does it work?

Botox blocks the nerve impulses that lead to muscle contraction. With the facial muscles relaxed, wrinkles soften within days. Repeating the injections at three to four month intervals keeps the muscles relaxed and prevents the lines from returning.

How is it administered?

The injections take just a few minutes to perform with a tiny (31 gauge) needle that causes little discomfort.

What side effects can occur?

Bleeding can occur from the injection sites. To minimize this risk, do not take aspirin for at least a week before your injections. Tenderness or a small bump at the injection site may occur. If so, this usually resolves in 24-48 hours. Muscle weakness can result in temporary eyebrow depression and/or headache.


• What should I avoid after Botox?

After Botox you should avoid lying flat for four hours. Other things to avoid after Botox are massaging or applying heat to the treatment area; activities that cause flushing such as exercising heavily, consuming alcohol, or hot tub use for the rest of the day. These aftercare practices reduce potential spread of the Botox that can lead to unintended effects.

• How long do Botox injections last for pain relief?

When using botox to treat pain, such as for TMJ/jaw pain or migraines, you can expect to start to feel relief within a few days. Pain relief after Botox injections can last for 4-5 months. These injections tend to last longer compared to other areas such as crow’s feet due to the larger amount of Botox required to treat the painful areas.

• Do Botox injections for migraines hurt?

Botox injections for migraine relief usually do not hurt. With the tiny 31 gauge needle used for Botox, the injection feels like a tiny pinprick.

• What does Botox feel like when it starts to work?

When botox starts to work, you will feel the muscles begin to relax and soften in the areas treated. If you are receiving Botox for pain, such as in the jaw area, you will start to feel pain relief as soon as a couple days after treatment. For cosmetic purposes, you will see your wrinkles become less prominent within a week and can expect to see full results by two weeks after treatment.

• Do and don'ts after Botox?

The Do’s and Don’ts of botox are:
DO: Stop taking any supplements/medications including vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, ibuprofen (medications that thin your blood) for at least 5 days prior to injections.
DO: Begin taking Arnica Montana tablets and eating fresh pineapple 3 days prior to your Botox treatment. 
DON’T: Drink alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your injection.
These precautions will lessen the chances of bruising at the site of the injection.

• Can I shower after Botox?

You may shower after botox, but avoid washing and rubbing your face for at least 4 hours after injections.

• What are the complications of Botox?

Complications after cosmetic botulinum toxin injections are rare but can last for weeks to months if they occur. Spread of the product can result in drooping of the eyelid, an undesired eyebrow shape, or other facial asymmetry. Fortunately, these effects are temporary and will wear off.

• At what age should you start getting Botox?

There is not a specific age at which you should start getting Botox injection; however, the earlier you begin, the more effective they will be in preventing skin wrinkles from forming. Many people start preventative Botox before static wrinkles form. Static wrinkles are those that are present when the facial muscles are at rest.

Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that form when muscles contract during facial expressions. Without prevention and proper skincare, dynamic wrinkles will eventually become static wrinkles.

• Can I wear makeup after Botox?

You should not wear makeup for 4 hours after Botox injections to avoid the risk of bacteria getting into the skin.

• Is Botox Safe long term?

Botox is safe for long term use.  If you are pregnant and/or nursing, however, you should not receive Botox during that time.

• Can you sleep on your face after Botox?

You should avoid sleeping on your face for 24=48 hours after botox injections.

• How long does Botox last in forehead?

Typically, botox lasts approximately 3 months in the forehead. Variations around this average duration of treatment effect may result from Individual factors such as inherent muscle strength and frequency of facial expressions. In areas where the muscles are unusually strong and are used very often, the results may not last as long.

• How much does Botox cost?

The cost for Botox will depend on the amount of medication, or units, used. If you are comparing prices between different practices, do not assume the lowest price is best. High quality is rarely accompanied by the lowest “bargain” price.

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