When new patients present to our practice, their most frequent question when it comes to full-facial rejuvenation and anti-aging is, “Where do I begin?” There are so many changes in one’s body as we age, and the different aspects of aging make the process of preventive aesthetic medicine multifaceted. It can be a daunting task because of all the buzz in our image-obsessed culture and the “quick fixes” displayed on social media. There is so much information out there that it is overwhelming to the majority of consumers, and that’s where our jobs and passions can offer some help.

At Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill, we want to make the process easy on our patients, educating and guiding them to the best procedures, products, and treatment options to help them attain their unique aesthetic goals. Most, if not all, of our patients require multiple types of aesthetic and cosmetic treatment to address their specific anatomy + physiology and amplify treatment results. 

As medical professionals, we are dedicated to delivering the best education, treatments, and results possible for our patients. We believe in a commitment to combination therapy, which is the use of several different modalities to achieve the most natural-looking, sustainable results over time and will reduce visible signs of aging. 

The importance of combination therapy stems from the fact that our bodies are made up of various components like skin, fat, muscles, bones, and ligaments that all require some TLC in order to remain youthful and age gracefully. It is crucial that we repair and protect these different aspects of the body by addressing these epidermal and dermal aging issues. The multifaceted approach includes treatments like neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport), hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, light-based energy devices, laser resurfacing, radiofrequency Microneedling, chemical peels, facials, and of course, daily application of medical grade skincare. Each of these treatments is uniquely designed to target a specific aspect of the body in the aging process. Whether it’s increasing one’s own collagen production, causing muscle relaxation, replacing volume loss, or even tightening down tissue with the use of controlled physical, thermal, or light energy devices – all are vital to the process of preserving youthful skin.

As overwhelming as this may seem, we like to boil it down to daily, monthly, and yearly treatments in which patients can partake in order to achieve their desired aesthetics goals. 

Prevention — Daily

With the use of medical grade skincare, we can sustain and preserve the life of your neurotoxins, dermal fillers, Microneedling, laser, and chemical peel results. Skincare products like sunscreen, antioxidants (vitamin C + E), retinol/tretinoin, growth factors, and lipid barrier repairing moisturizers will help to increase the longevity and efficacy of the rest of your aesthetic treatments. Protecting your investment is crucial to forming skin-healthy habits and to protect and repair the skin + skin barrier on a daily basis. We place all of our patients on medical grade skincare routine that is formulated just for them to address their specific needs and reach their desired cosmetic outcomes! Medical grade skincare is truly the unsung hero and the backbone of all aesthetics! 

Maintenance — Monthly

Procedures that help to continue to maintain a youthful appearance and prevent aging include treatments like neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport), chemical peels, facials, and dermaplaning. These vital pieces of the aesthetic puzzle are integral to the preservation of your youthfulness as well as reversing damage and improving the overall skin tone, texture, and quality. Neuromodulators will decrease muscle activity, which in turn improves and corrects many fine lines and wrinkles. Topical treatments like facials, chemical peels, and dermaplaning will help to stimulate your body’s production of collagen. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that we cannot stop the aging processes, our goal is to slow it. 

Correction — Yearly

Correcting preexisting damage, volume loss, and decreased collagen production are where our bigger procedures come into play. With the use of laser resurfacing, radiofrequency Microneedling, and soft-tissue dermal fillers, we can increase collagen + elastin, tighten skin, resurface any overlaying skin damage, as well as restore facial volume, contour, and structure where it was lost due to the aging process. 

Our commitment to quality care starts with assessing each patient’s needs and crafting the perfect combination-therapy approach to help our patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals. With the accessibility and innovations of current aesthetic medicine, medical professionals can help patients attain beautiful, natural-looking results with minimally invasive procedures and little downtime. Combining the multitude of treatment modalities can help address a variety of cosmetic concerns at once, giving patients better results that last over time. It is important that patients seek out experienced practitioners who will help select and formulate a treatment schedule that benefits the patient. At Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill, we believe in comprehensive aesthetic and skin care to restore and transform one’s confidence and beauty from the inside out.

To learn more or schedule a combination therapy consultation please call Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill at 919-904-7111.

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