Our newest laser technology has made it possible for us to remove unwanted tattoo ink with fast, safe, and effective treatments on all skin types. Although tattoo removal has become very common, not all tattoo removal lasers are built with the same technology and effectiveness.

Because of the different wavelengths of tattoo lasers, some lasers are unable to target and remove pigments such as blue and green pigment. Results from laser tattoo removal can also vary based on the depth of the tattoo pigment. Some tattoo artists use needles that puncture the skin deeper than others which can affect laser tattoo removal results.

Here at Medical Day Spa, we provide state of the art technologies including the Chrome NanoFrax for laser tattoo removal. Chrome works with both 1064nm and 532nm true laser wavelengths and has the features and power to treat a range of concerns all on one device with minimal downtime. Our laser can target any tattoo pigment on any skin type while also treating deep within the dermis.

Although noticeable results are possible after your first treatment, most patients require multiple treatment sessions for the tattoo to be completely gone. Want to learn more about laser tattoo removal? Call to speak to one of our highly trained professionals today!

If you are wondering, “where is the best place for laser tattoo removal near me”? Well, Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill is the best place to help you safely remove those unwanted tattoos.

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