Get a Hot Stone Massage to help relax tight muscles.  A Swedish Massage can help promote stress reduction and well-being while our Deep Tissue Massage can help relieve chronic tension and muscle injuries.

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Massage Therapies at Medical Day Spa Chapel Hill

Hot Stone Massage – With Basalt Stones

Warm stones glide over muscles in long, flowing strokes penetrating muscles with radiant heat for deep tissue benefits, pain relief, and overall elevation in metabolism.

Aromatherapy Mediterranean Ritual

Body and Soul 
An exceptional body treatment ritual offering a deeply restorative experience for the body and soul. A scrub infused with basil, bergamot, mandarin orange, and lemon blended in natural extracts of jojoba oil revitalizes and stimulates the spirit, followed by a full body massage that calms and soothes the soul. This ritual is recommended for times of stress, jet-lag and to counteract fatigue.

Client Centered Integrative Massage

Our skilled massage therapist will develop a massage plan specific to your needs and goals. Your session may include Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, and trigger point techniques. Swedish massage uses traditional light to medium pressure and has many benefits including relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, increased circulation and greater flexibility. Deep tissue techniques work from attachment point to attachment point to specifically target muscles causing discomfort or restriction. Trigger point work is often done in conjunction with deep tissue techniques to encourage the release of knots of tension found in the muscles. Each session is guided by your needs to assure you leave feeling relaxed and physically at ease.

The Sports Massage

Prevention & Enhancement
Sports massage is geared toward athletes and physically active people. A sports massage helps athletes avoid or recover from injuries, cool down after exertion and enhance their overall performance. Sports massage concentrates on increasing motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting a quick recovery from muscle overuse. These are accomplished with a blend of massage techniques, assisted stretching and joint mobilizations.

Prenatal Massage

Relaxation and Physical Well Being
Prenatal massage will provide you with a relaxing massage aimed to reduce stress, both physical and emotional. Prenatal massage eases the common aches that come with pregnancy including back pain, headaches and hip pain. Massage will reduce the discomfort felt in joints, reduce edema, increase circulation, decrease depression and improve sleep. Massage during pregnancy is ideal for maintaining physical and mental comfort as your life and body goes through so many changes. The session will be guided by your needs and you will be made comfortable in whatever way works best, including side-lying with a variety of pillows and draping. Our goal is for you to leave relaxed and at ease.

Prenatal massage is not given during the first trimester.


TMJ Dysfunction Massage

Pain Relief
For 30 minutes one of our skilled massage therapists will provide focused work to your jaw, face, neck and head to reduce muscle fatigue, eliminate trigger points and relieve pain associated with jaw clenching, TMJ dysfunction, and teeth grinding. Massage for jaw related pain often temporarily eases unconscious muscle clenching and can ease or eliminate related headaches. This massage is also ideal for times of stress, when jaw tension is often amplified.

ENHANCEMENTS: The following enhancements can be added to any massage session to increase the benefit and enjoyment of your experience:

  • Muscle Therapy
    The application of a warming massage oil to allow deeper application of massage techniques to painful or tight muscles. This technique is then followed by the application of a cooling gel to decrease discomfort and inflammation in the tissue. It will be applied to one major muscle group at the end of the session.
  • Aromatherapy
    Create a blend of essential oils to enhance the results of your therapeutic massage. You will have the opportunity to choose from oils that create a number of different effects. We have oils that enhance relaxation, calm anxiety, reduce muscle pain, help remove toxins, energize your mind, soothe your thoughts and ground you. If you prefer, your therapist can select for you based upon your session goals.
  • Hot Stone Add-On
    This enhancement gives you the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and therapeutic effects of hot stones without committing to an entire hot stone session. During your traditional massage, the therapist will use heated basalt stones for some of the massage strokes as well as resting them on key points to warm the tissues. The penetrating heat from the stones loosens muscles and deepens relaxation.


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