Microneedling with growth factors (similar to platelet rich plasma – PRP) is an increasingly popular facial and skin treatment that can help improve acne scars, stretch marks, large pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damaged skin.

If you are looking improve imperfections and get more beautiful skin with minimal downtime, then Microneedling with growth factors may just be your answer.  Also referred to as collagen induction therapy, it is loved by patients seeking clear skin health because of the minimal side effects and long-lasting results.

There are many devices that can be used to perform the Microneedling treatment.  At Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill, we use the SkinStylus® system which is which is the only Microneedling device that is completely sterilizable.

Microneedling with growth factors is a two-step process.  First, the SkinStylus® is passed over the damaged skin and creates tiny micro punctures in the skin.  This will activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to build new elastin and collagen that give the skin its firm and smooth texture.

Microneedling-before-after Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill NC

The second step is the application of the Growth Factors directly on the skin where the Microneedling was done to further enhance the healing process and collagen production.

After treatment you may see and feel like you have a slight sunburn but may also notice a new glowing in your complexion.  Most patients will completely recover in 24 to 48 hours and early benefits will be apparent within weeks.  Collagen synthesis is a slow process, so the skin continues improving for months. We recommend a series of treatments to see the full benefits of Microneedling.

If you are looking for new improved skin with minimal down time, give us a call at Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill located in Chapel Hill North Carolina to schedule a skin consultation and learn more about how Microneedling with growth factors can help you.

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