Many of us have tried everything to prevent or treat nagging folliculitis also known as razor bumps, shaving rash, hot tub rash, or Barber’s itch. Folliculitis occurs when the hair in the follicle becomes inflamed or infected at the root. Folliculitis can be painful and itch. It can also cause whiteheads and red bumps that take a while to heal and fade.

Anyone can develop folliculitis, but there are certain risk factors that increase your chances of developing the unsightly and embarrassing rash. In some cases these bumps can cause hair loss and permenant scarring.

Doctors can prescribe antibiotic ointments, medicated shampoos, antifungal creams, or steroid creams to treat. However, most of us know this can be an ongoing battle. The topical treatments add up and can be expensive and time consuming to apply. Stop fighting the folliculitis battle and remove the underlying cause of the problem, the hair! Remove the hair, get it out of the follicle and stop covering up your razor burn with cover up or towels at the pool. Wear tank tops again with confidence.

There are several different way to remove hair from the follicle. Electrolysis or laser hair removal. Electrolysis is a method of applying an electric current to the hair follicle to damage the hair in the follicle. You need to treat one hair at a time. Electrolysis is uncomfortable and has downtime of 3-7 days. The most effective, comfortable, and popular way to remove hair is with laser hair removal.

The Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill offers laser hair removal with the Motus AX. The procedure is quick and painless. The treatment usually take less than 30 minutes and your hair will be gone after 4-6 treatments. Removing the hair will help get rid of folliculitis and will also leave your skin smooth. The Motus AX can treat all skin colors. It is effective for hair that has pigment present. It will not work on white, grey or blond hair.

A medical consult is needed before starting treatments. During the consult, a physician will go over your health history and give you medical clearance to begin your laser sessions. Depending on the location of hair wanting to be removed, you will need to come in every 4-8 weeks.

Folliculitis doesn’t have to be a problem any longer. Remove the hair and have confidence with smoother skin.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, we would love to have you come into Medical Day Spa of Chapel Hill to be assessed and given a regimen that would be specifically catered to you. Please call 919-904-7111 to schedule your consultation today and meet with one of our medical professionals.

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