The Quanta Chrome laser provides an easy way to refresh skin and eliminate a range of imperfections. 

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The Quanta Chrome laser is an excellent treatment option for patients with benign vascular lesions (redness) and benign pigmented lesion (hyperpigmentation and brown spots).

Pigmentation:  Discoloration of the skin is an inevitable reality that can be brought on by age, sun exposure, or environmental factors. Pigmentation issues come in many shapes and sizes. Age spots, brown spots, birthmarks, and darker pigmented lesions are just a few of the most common challenges.

Vascular concerns: In general, laser light works to constrict blood vessels without harming the surrounding tissue. Leg veins and spider veins visibly disappear and vascular imperfections on the face, including rosacea, are improved.

The Chrome NanoFrax photoacoustic effect works with both 1064nm and 532nm true laser wavelengths. Chrome has the features and power to treat a range of concerns all on one device with minimal downtime.

Results of this treatment vary with each individual.